My vodafoneitaly-maven-plugin is up…

I release the first stable version of my plugin vodafoneitaly-maven-plugin.

I’m very happy with that.
The plugin is simple but do a lot of things that normally are done by hand and they are really error prune.

I hope it will be used by others collegues of my company and of other companies working for Vodafone Italy… why not?

DRY? Create a Maven plugin!

“Don’t Repeat Yourself” is a rule, but sometimes I don’t remember that (do I need a wallpaper?). Today I realized that I was spending lots of my time following guidelines of a client company (Vodafone Italy) about “how to package a release for the next Canvass”… and this happens whenever a release should be built.
Now it is the time to create something to automate this!
It’s time for a new Maven plugin! Continue reading DRY? Create a Maven plugin!