A (Debian) Linux TTY console that rocks!

No i3 or awesome here!
Just a fuck**** TTY console (oh well in a VBox :D)

It is a little bit tricky ’cause (I think) nowadays there’s no much people tweaking this aspect. I found a lot of posts suggesting how to do that using grub. The problem is: now we have grub 2 and it works in a different way.

So how have I obtained this tty?

First of all pay attention, ’cause I have done this on a Debian. I don’t know how it can be done in others Linux distributions, just because (as you can see later), I have used a Debian specific utility to configure the console font.

Configure grub 2

Open grub 2 configuration file:

and set the following rows:

then run:

then reboot your system.

Change console font

Here I’ve used dpkg-reconfigure that is an utility provided by Debian.

So run:

and then I selected:

I think you have to reboot again… or maybe no… well if it doesn’t work immediately, try a reboot 😀

Why I wrote this post after so many years?
I’ll think about this in the next days and I’ll let you know in a couple of years 😀

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Coming back to Vim

I’m coming back to Vim, because I’m tired to learn a new IDE every time and I’m tired to see things like “IntelliJ has been choosed as the new Android Dev Studio“. Now I want to create MyFucking Dev Studio for what I need to do! Continue reading

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Jumps in Vim

I do not remember very well how to jumps within a file when I use Vim. BUT Continue reading

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My vodafoneitaly-maven-plugin is up…

I release the first stable version of my plugin vodafoneitaly-maven-plugin.

I’m very happy with that.
The plugin is simple but do a lot of things that normally are done by hand and they are really error prune.

I hope it will be used by others collegues of my company and of other companies working for Vodafone Italy… why not?

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One last thing on MS Word in Java: replacing text…

Trying to solve my issue on how to replace placeholders inside a MS Word in Java, I choosed to replace texts and avoid the use of document properties. BUT!!! Continue reading

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3 things to remember when you play with MS Word docs in Java

I’m playing with my maven plugin (https://github.com/sixro/vodafonecanvassrelease-maven-plugin) and I need to insert texts in a MS Word document. Unfortunately there are some pitfalls you have to know if you use the Apache POI Java library. Continue reading

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DRY? Create a Maven plugin!

“Don’t Repeat Yourself” is a rule, but sometimes I don’t remember that (do I need a wallpaper?). Today I realized that I was spending lots of my time following guidelines of a client company (Vodafone Italy) about “how to package a release for the next Canvass”… and this happens whenever a release should be built.
Now it is the time to create something to automate this!
It’s time for a new Maven plugin! Continue reading

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